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Electromagnetism and antimatter

Possibly electromagnetism can describe the illusion of matter and antimatter.

At the same time the spiritual world is explained by being separate mental parallel universes. 

Transcript of video below.

Parallel Universes


Transcript of video:

James Clark Maxwell used the already existing laws from Ampere, Faraday and Gauss, to describe electricity and magnetism as electromagnetism, one of the four forces in the physical universe.

According to Maxwell’s equations, electromagnetism is sine waves perpendicular to each other.

It is illustrated in this diagram.

The electric field is indicated in red, and the magnetic field is indicated in blue, perpendicular to the electric field.

As the electric field gets bigger, the magnetic field gets bigger.

As the electric field reach zero, the magnetic field reach zero.

The geometry is two fields perpendicular to each other, and at the same time, both are perpendicular to the direction of the wave.

The theory about the standing wave structure of matter in space, explains that the photon is absorbed in the orbit of the electron, speeds down to zero, hits the core of the atom, reverse its flow, and speed up again, hitting the orbit of the electron once again, and continues its travel by the speed of light.

Antimatter is basically matter with reversed charge. An anti-hydrogen atom, is an atom with a negative proton and a positive electron.

It is a big mystery, that practically all antimatter disappeared in the creation of the universe according to the big bang theory.

All particles in the universe has antiparticles, but very few, compared to particles.

Per definition, a photon is it’s own anti-particle.

Electromagnetic radiation is energy.

In The Crestroyer Theory we define positive energy as the energy in the upsurge of the sine wave, and negative energy as the downsurge.

Electromagnetic radiation thereby consists of positive energy, and negative energy, and the average energy of the photon in one wavelenght is zero.

If you connect matter and antimatter it will annihilate into pure energy.

So, where exactly is this antimatter, and why doesn’t the universe annihilate in pure energy?

The answer is that everything is electromagnetism. Photons are real, and they do not annihilate in pure energy.

Every spacetime unit, also named the crestroyer has created its own photons, and they consists of positive energy and negative energy as described.

The crestroyers creation of photons is an ongoing creation and counter-creation.

Remember Einstein’s E=mc2. Matter is just condensed energy. An atom is just a combination and condensation of many photons.

When the photons created by one crestroyer, entangle with photons created by other crestroyers, the combination of the involved separate mental parallel universes make up an atom, which in its basis is a resonance of many combined photons and many separate mental parallel universes.

At this era in subatomic physics, the only observational tool we have is electromagnetic radiation. From measuring the wavelengths and frequencies of photons, we make up our theories about electrons, positrons, protons, anti-protons, neutrons and anti neutrons.

The Crestroyer Theory is based on the assumption that particles does not exist. Only vibrations, motion of energy in space, wavelengths and frequencies exist. Everything we observe is when photons resonate with other photons.

Our mental universe, the images in our mind, consists of photons as everything else. It’s just very very few compared to all the photons that exist. Actually it is one divided by close to infinite. The reason off course being, that we have close to infinite separate mental parallel universes in the form of living entities called spacetime units or crestroyers.

As the photon is defined by being its own anti-particle, anti-matter is located in all these infinite parallel universes. As matter doesn’t exist, antimatter doesn’t exist either. Antimatter is as illusional as matter is.

What physicists indirectly observe and define as antimatter is just a glimpse of entering these close to infinite separate mental parallel universes. The many parallel universes is often called the spiritual world, a very mis-defined and mis-understood phenomenon.

Photons consists of positive energy and negative energy. Photons exists, and doesn’t annihilate. When they condense and make up the illusion of matter and antimatter by resonance, they form the reality we observe when our heads bumps into a wall.

The only thing that exists is photons, vibrations of positive and negative energies in space and time.


Space Time is the fundamental structure of this universe

Space Time is the fourth dimension. Einstein showed that.  This theory suggests that the four dimensions is extended to infinite dimensions.

Transcript of video below.

Stephen Hawking also calculates with negative energy, but what is negative energy according to this theory?


Einstein gave us the fourth dimension, SpaceTime. He showed that SpaceTime expresses gravity, and gravity expresses SpaceTime.

The Crestroyer Theory extends that understanding to a new assumption.

Spacetime is the fundamental structure of this universe.

Occams razor is the principle that the simplest explanation is the best.

What can be said to be more simple and fundamental than space and time?

The physical universe consists of space, energy and time.

Without space and time you cannot have energy.

Therefore, the basic assumption in the crestroyer theory is, that space and time is the fundamental structure of the physical universe.

This is in direct opposition to the standard big bang model. It says that the universe started in zero time and zero space.

Fortunately, many modern theorethical physisists explain big bang differently, as something happening in present time. They observe a continous creation and destruction of energy in space at all times. This is called virtual particles.

If spacetime is the fundamental structure of the physical universe, it must have the property of creating and destroying energy, as we observe in these virtual particles.

The crestroyer theory is inspired by multiverse theories. Most multiverse theories assume, that when we make an observation, the wave function collapse, and a new physical universe is created.

I disagree 180 degree. What we see as the wave collapse is when the external wave and the opposite internal wave resonates in the orbit of the electron. Watch my video on the standing wave structure of matter in space for clarification.

In the crestroyer theory, the manyworlds are allready here.

Every living unit with some sort of consciousness, from cells to organisms to human bodies, has its own separate mental parallel universe, operating in the physical universe in present time.

Every living conscious unit is its own parallel universe.

And its fundamental structure is space and time.

This unit has the property, the ability to create and destroy, hence the word crestroyer.

You, a SpaceTime unit, are your own universe, and you have the ability to create and destroy. Cause and effect. Up and down, black and white.

Destroy is a bit of a misnomer. Countercreation is a better expression.

The property of the SpaceTime unit is the ability to create energy and countercreate energy. This creation of energy is in this theory defined as positive energy. The countercreation of energy is defined as negative energy.

The physical universe consists of positive energy.

The mental universe consists of negative energy, which is an exact duplicate mirror image of the organisms creation of positive energy.

The mind and consciousness of a living organism is stored in negative energy as mental images, an exact mirror duplicate of the organisms creation of positive energy, the physical universe.

All physicists calculate with positive energy. A growing number calculate with negative energy, including Stephen Hawking.

The energy level of the physical universe is close to infinite. The energy level of the combined entangled mental universes is close to infinite negative energy.

That leaves the total energy of all combined universes at zero energy.

Einstein showed that Spacetime is the fourth dimension. The crestroyer theory extends the fourth dimension, to close to infinite dimensions.

Watch the next video called Electromagnetism and antimatter, to find out where exactly this negative energy is located.


The Standing Wave Structure of Matter in Space

The standing wave structure of matter in space, has been a theory, since Einstein and Schrodinger.

If particles doesn’t exist, then this theory might be the future. Transcript below.

As I mention in the video, I am not a physicist or a mathematician, but Milo Wolf is.

Check his website out, by clicking on his book.

Milo Wolf


Transcript of video:

The standing wave structure of matter in space, has been a theory since Erwin Schrødinger’s cat.

Shrødinger and Einstein had the idea that point like particles weren’t really particles, but just waves in space.

As many knows, the Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum Mechanics won. It says that photons and electron’s are both particles and waves. Even today it is the most favoured theory amongst quantum theorists.

But what if Einstein and Schrodinger’s idea’s were correct?

The best way to describe the standing wave structure of matter in space, is the vortex.

You see the water flowing into the vortex, but at the same time waves are flowing away from the center.

The hydrogen atom is the simplest structure of matter we know of, and it might behave in a similar way.

Imagine this as being a hydrogen atom. The blue line being the orbit of the electron.

The hydrogen atom undergoes a transition, when a photon is absorbed. In normal physics, we say that the electron makes a quantum leap. It goes from one quantum state to another. In normal quantum physics the leap is discontinous and random.

Imagine the ingoing spirals, as photons from the surroundings. When a photon hits the orbit of the electron, this quantum leap takes place.

A photon is an electromagnetic radiation and a wave in itself.

When the photon has been absorbed in the hydrogen atom, it continues into the center of the atom, the proton.

At the core of the atom, the photon stops, and its direction reverse. Now continue your imagination of the photon reversing, and now travelling outwards.

In this way, the atom has two flows, one inward, and one outward, just like the vortex.

When the outward energy of the photon is bigger than the inward, the atom emits a photon.

Photons continuously bombards the hydrogen atom, reverse their flows, and if strong enough, emits from the atom, as electromagnetic radiation, whereby the structure of the atom is changed.

But, if it is in balance, the atom, is a standing wave in space.

The orbit of the electron is a balance point between the external energy of photons and the internal reverse of the same.

What we consider as matter, is when the external wave and the opposite internal wave resonates in the orbit of the electron. It is illustrated in this diagram from Dr. Milo Wolfs website. His work treats the standing structure of matter in a different way than mine, but he is definitely onto something, and he is a mathematician.

In normal quantum physics the quantum leap is random.

The periodical system shows different frequencies in different atoms. The frequencies determines which element is observed.

At this time, we are only able to observe the elements that resonate exactly in the orbit of the electron

I know this is contrary to what you have ever been taught in school.

If it is correct a lot of books will have to be rewritten.

But don’t worry, these matters takes time.

The Last Scattering

The Last Scattering? New to this tour in physics? Start at THE BIG BANG. 

This is the last post about the events of The Big Bang.

The Last Scattering is another term for the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, CMB. This is how far we can look back in time with our telescopes. Before that time photons could not escape the soup of energy. The escape of photons is also called recombination.

Recombination from Wikipedia:

“Ca. 377,000 years after the Big Bang

Hydrogen and helium atoms begin to form as the density of the universe falls. This is thought to have occurred about 377,000 years after the Big Bang.

Hydrogen and helium are at the beginning ionized, i.e., no electrons are bound to the nuclei, which (containing positively charged protons) are therefore electrically charged (+1 and +2 respectively).

As the universe cools down, the electrons get captured by the ions, forming electrically neutral atoms.

This process is relatively fast (actually faster for the helium than for the hydrogen) and is known as recombination.

At the end of recombination, most of the protons in the universe are bound up in neutral atoms. Therefore, the photons’ mean free path becomes effectively infinite and the photons can now travel freely, the universe has become transparent.

The photons present at this time are the same photons that we see in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation, after being greatly cooled by the expansion of the Universe.

The cosmic microwave background is a picture of the universe at the end of this epoch including the tiny fluctuations generated during inflation, and the spread of objects such as galaxies in the universe is an indication of the scale and size of the universe as it developed over time.”

After The Last Scattering, stars and galaxies were formed., out of  hydrogen and helium.

This ends the educational Tour throough The Big Bang, but you are not finished yet. Now we will continue with quantum physics, relativistic physics and classical physics.

Next lecture  on THE PHYSICS TOUR.

The Last Scattering

Platonic StringTheory?

Personally I think that my theory is very simple. We are all eternal beings in time, and infinite beings in space. We have fundamentally the ability to create and destroy. The physical universe is the creation and destruction of energy. The energy we can measure on is the physical energy. The opposite poled energy I call negative energy. That energy is located in mental separate parallel universes, which is our mind. This is pretty much in accordance with this article in New Scientist. The only difference is that I believe that the disembodied brains has been here since the start of this physical universe, and even before that. If this is true then Plato’s Theory of Forms might be applicable to StringTheory. Hope to hear back from some StringTheory experts on this.


The mystery of Dark Energy solved?

I am talking to a renowned professor in physics here in Copenhagen these days, about how maybe to solve this mystery. We might have the article below in a peer-reviewed magazine in the future.

We all agree that electromagnetism is explaining a lot. If we consider the weak force as some kind of electromagnetism, at least it could be interpreted as such, then we only have the strong force and gravity to explain.

If we combine the strong force,  gravity and the “force” that seems to expand the universe, dark energy, maybe we get somewhere.

How to do that?

If space-time expresses gravity on the subatomic level and “anti-gravity” on the cosmological level, then we only have to find a missing minus sign in our equations.

One big hurdle though. The theory assumes that the speed of light varies in time and space.

This article describes how to revise Einstein. It is not ready for peer review yet, but I thought you should have it here, maybe you could give some mathematical feedback, that solves the last mysteries. It was written in 2009, and never published, due to my own doubts about it.

Due to the mystery of dark energy not being solved, I give this wild goose chase a chance in public.



Einstein’s Field Equations revised:

Can space-time explain dark matter and dark energy?

By Otto Krog

Is it possible to explain dark energy and dark matter, by assuming that space-time expresses gravitation as well as anti-gravitation (expansion), and by disregarding the cosmological constant?

This theory suggests that space-time not only expresses gravity, but also expansion.

Space-time expresses gravity, no doubt about that. It has been proven beyond doubt.

However, dark matter and dark energy might be explained by postulating that space-time also expresses anti-gravity, the expansion of the universe.

Space and time

In the physical universe space is the distance between objects (energy), and time is the measurement of motion between objects (energy).

Five levels, called the Q’s.

Instead of using a cosmological constant, space-time expresses expansion on super-atomic level.

This theory is based on the physical universe standard model fields being divided into five levels:

Q0. Absolute zero space and zero time, a point. This is the centre of the proton. In this level space-time expresses absolute infinite gravity. This level is unattainable in the physical universe.

Q1. The subatomic and atomic level. This starts in Q0 and ends in Q2. In this level space-time expresses the entirety of gravitation in the physical universe. This is directly opposed to the usual understanding, that space-time has a very little influence sub-atomically. In this theory space-time expresses gravity sub-atomically in Q0 and Q1, and space-time expresses anti-gravity in Q3 and Q.

Q2. Neutral ground for gravitation and expansion. This is the orbit of the electron. This is neutral ground for gravity. This is the area where there is equilibrium between gravity and expansion.

Q3. The above neutral ground level. Super-atomic level. This level starts in Q2 and ends in Q. In this level space-time expresses expansion or anti-gravitation. Here we have the best observation of electromagnetic fields, as described in Maxwell, and as seen in the light we receive from cosmos.

Q. Absolute infinite space and time. This level is the “point” of infinite space and infinite time. We define infinite time as the past, the present and the future. In this level space-time expresses absolute infinite anti-gravitation. This level is unattainable in the physical universe.


Even though we agree that there is no absolute vacuüm, we still say that everything is relative to the speed of light in vacuüm. The postulate in this theory is that this is not the entire truth. Everything is relative to everything.

Again Einstein was right. He said that the speed of light is constant locally.

A new understanding of the Einstein Field Equations.

Einstein’s general relativity in mathematics:

gab         where:

gablille          is the Einstein tensor, which expresses the curvature of space-time.

tablille          is the stress-energy tensor that describes the density and flux of energy and momentum in space-time.

K is a constant:


K is a very small positive number very close to zero, but not zero.

If we take an observation point from Q2, the “neutral ground”, and extend our observation to Q3, what will happen?

Space-time will curve space and afflict time as described in GR.

In Q3, it is evident that we have to have the constant K in the field equation. If we didn’t, space would curve all too much, and gravity would be so immense, that the universe would collapse. But this is only when we observe from Q3. And that is exactly what we do in general relativity. We observe from Q3.

This theory suggests a way to observe from all levels. The postulate in this theory is, that this constant K is the correct one locally, but only when the observation is made from Q3.

In this theory we suggest that in Q0 and Q1, the sub-atomic area, the constant K, approximates infinity.

We also suggest that in Q3 and Q, the super-atomic level, the constant K, is approaching absolute zero.

The Einstein Field Equation’s described in Q’s:

Q0 and 1. The subatomic and atomic level:
                                       as K
As K approaches infinity, by approaching c, the speed of light, to zero, we move towards infinite gravitation and super-curved space, through Q1 and Q0. This results in a super gravitation in the protons centre. C, the speed of light becomes lower and lower, until it stops utterly in Q0. This is where space-time expresses gravity. And the gravity is so immense, that it can hold the universe in equilibrium, and be measured as weight. 

Q2. The neutral ground level:
GR works, as we know it, when the observation is made from Q2, and we observe Q3.

Q3 and Q. The above neutral ground level:
gab 0
                                   as K 0
As K approaches zero, by approaching c, the speed of light, to infinite speed, we approach infinite anti-gravitation (expansion), through Q3 and Q. This is where space-time expresses anti-gravity. The further you reach into infinite space, c, the speed of light, approximates infinite speed.

In actual fact all these levels work “opposite” the normal way of looking at GR. These equations should therefore be negated on one side of the equation all the way through. The reason it has not been done is due to clarity, but also due to some scientists, that prefers to negate K as a constant.

Einstein’s space-time separation s between two events is:
s2 = x2 + y2 + z2 – c2t2

But, as space-time is reversed in this theory, it becomes:

s2 = x2 + y2 + z2 + c2t2

It makes Einstein even more beautiful.

The Einstein Q Field Equations in short:

Q0 and Q1.      gab
                                           as K

Q2.                    gab

Q3 and Q
.      gab
                                          as K 0

How would GR work when we approach infinite space and time?

Space-time will still curve space and afflict time. But by adjusting the constant K, so it approaches zero, by approaching c, the speed of light to infinite speed, space-time expresses expansion, i.e. anti-gravity. The further we go into space the more anti-gravity. Hitherto this manifestation has been attempted to be explained as dark energy.

How would GR work when we approach zero space and time?

Space-time will still curve space and afflict time. We adjust the constant K, to approach infinity, by letting c, the speed of light, approach zero. By approaching the centre of the proton, we approach absolute zero space and time. Then space-time expresses super-gravity and super curvature of space. Below the level of the electron, the speed of light slows down, untill it approaches a complete stop in the centre of the proton. The reason the universe doesn’t collapse, is due to anti-gravitation taking place in Q3 and Q.

Thereby the constant, the speed of light in vacuüm, becomes a variable in all levels of the universe. In this sector of the universe it is about 300.000 km’s a second. In other galaxies it might be more or less.

Implications and conclusions

Space-time is an expression of gravity in sub-atomic fields.

Space-time is an expression of anti-gravity in super-atomic fields.

Sub-atomically the speed of light approaches zero, whereby space-time expresses super-curvature of space, and super-gravity.

Super-atomically the speed of light approaches infinity, whereby space-time expresses super-anti-gravitation, seen as expansion and acceleration of the universe.

Dark energy is possibly not extra energy, but a result of super-atomic space-time. Q3 and Q accelerate the universe through anti-gravitation, which is an expression of space-time.

Dark matter is possibly a miscalculation, emerged from the wrongly assumption, that the speed of light is constant. When we look at a stellar system that seems to have too much matter, it might not be extra matter that makes the paradox. It might be that the speed of light “out there” is higher or lower, than our postulated speed of light. Then we calculate more or less matter (condensed energy), than we in reality have out there.

The speed of light approaches zero in the “sub-atomic level”. This condition of approached zero light speed, we also find in black holes, and in Lene Hau’s experiments.

The speed of light approaches infinite speed in the “super atomic level”.

Big Bang has to be considered in a different way. The implications of this theory in cosmology will show us a Universe larger than we hitherto has assumed, and much older.

This theory is not in any way contradicting Einstein.

It is a theory that expands knowledge of life in both philosophy and in the natural sciences. Philosophers have always talked about infinity as a concept, and so have mathematicians.

Otto Krog


May 2009


What is the “Axis of Evil”?

The Planck telescope just revealed its newest data.

The Planck telescope is investigating the CMB (cosmic microwave background) radiation, and has come up with a confirmation of “The Axis of Evil”.

The earlier map of the CMB was called WMAP, and its finding was, that it seemed like the CMB was hotter when we look in one direction, compared to when we look in other directions. See this image:


The blue spot in the bottom is a colder area than the rest. Red is hot, blue is cold.

It is called “The Axis of Evil” because a lot of physicists didn’t like what they saw, as it is quite unexplainable to them. They had hoped that the Planck satellite would find out that it was an error, but instead Planck confirmed the differences in temperature.

You might ask what this has to do with God and antimatter.

For now I will give you a short version.

I believe that electromagnetism was created before atoms, a reversed Big Bang.

Electromagnetism was in its creation instant, and has been slowed down to its speed today, 300.000 km/s

The Universe is much much bigger than we imagine. What we see as the CMB is just how much of the universe we can see with our telescopes today. Behind the CMB, also called the last scattering, there is a whole lot of more Universe. The same physical universe as we inhabit, but the electromagnetism from it, has not reached us.

The hot areas in the map indicates that the speed of light out there is higher than in the cold areas.

If I am right then the cold spot indicates where we should look, if we want to figure out where the center of the Universe might be.

If all these speculations is right, then maybe the rest of my theories also are true. My opinion is that our consciousness exists in separate mental parallel universes, and that you are your own God, in that Universe.

Pretty wild and exiting times for sure.

God and antimatter

There has been some confusion about me saying that consciousness is antimatter.

That is understandable, as it is a simplified explanation. I think that what caused the physical universe (God), we will never know, or at least not know fully.

Nevertheless I base my assumptions on the idea, that consciousness is capable of creating an effect, and counter-creating the same effect.

The original cause created an outburst of infinite energy, going from plus energy to minus energy. When these energies combined, they created standing waves, in the form of atoms. An atom is a standing wave, with the core as the end point. After atoms were created electromagnetism arised, as we know it today. Electromagnetism is the only thing, that we know of, that is its own antiparticle.

Big Bang theories says that antimatter was created in the same amount than matter, but where did antimatter go?

My point is that it went into these separate mental parallel universes, in the form of opposite energy to the energy we observe the most of in our reality, physical matter.

I think that our mental image pictures are conserved in opposite energy, not antimatter. Because, for sure the mental images is not touchable as antimatter is.

I started out this journey into physics 10 years ago by reading a book mentioning re-normalization. In theoretical mathematics the electron has infinite charge. That is bogus, so physicists re-normalized it to become 1 instead, because that is so much easier to work with. I understand, that they did, and agree totally that they did, what else should they have done?

But can we continue doing that, when everything is confusing, and nobody understands what’s going on?

I am at best just a lobbyist for infinity and eternity. Maybe I am dead wrong, but hopefully somebody having the brain to do it, will be inspired and find a mathematical solution to infinity, re-normalization and the strange paradoxes they give.

When Paul Dirac predicted antimatter in the thirties, he did it by finding a missing “minus” in Einstein’s work. There was a square root somewhere, where Einstein only had taken the positive number. Everybody know that the result of a square root always give plus and minus. But even to Einstein it was crazy to think that antimatter could be a possibility. But not so to Dirac. He voiced the idea, and became a Nobel prize winner.

My idea is in the same category. The many world interpretation has this idea that the wave collapse creates new physical universes all the time. To me that is crazy, but I respect those believing in it. My idea is that in all the bogus mathematics, somebody left out a minus sign, or forgot a square root somewhere, or drank too much whiskey. That resulted in the idea that these parallel universes should be physical. I think they have been here all along and that they have opposite energies, and make up for what we see as missing antimatter, and somehow has to do with consciousness. Crazy indeed, but if a mathematician could find the missing minus sign, then he would probably get a Nobel Prize. That is, if it can be shown experimentally, off course. I have ideas to do just that, but I want the mathematics to fit in first. But I can’t, as I go blank every time I see some formulas.

I sincerely hope that I am clear in my expressions, as it is so fu….. difficult to express myself clearly about these matters.

And I love getting comments, also if they try to convince me that I am mad, because honestly, I take the accusation as a compliment.

How did life on Earth start?

I am a strong believer in eternal life and re-incarnation.

For many years I have joked about how life on earth arrived. I said that it must have been some high developed civilization, that spread enzymes, proteins and dna unto a planet ready for evolution. The enzymes, proteins and dna were designed to create nature as we see it. The civilization died, and the universe forgot all about us.

Well, it might be that my wild joke could be closer to the truth, than so many other theories.

Read this article about dna possibly being intelligently designed: