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Antimatter and “many world” interpretation in quantum mechanics

I just received the best presentation ever on the manyworld interpretation of quantum mechanics. The guy being interviewed is on top of it all very humorous and charming, so it helps to swallow the mysticism. What he actually is saying is that it is an embarresment to physics and the general human race, that we have known for 80 years, what the universe is telling us, but we haven’t grasped it yet.

The good news is that the many world interpretation now has 18% “voters” in the physics department. That’s much more than ten years ago, I guess.

As you have seen on this blog now for two years, I am having the opinion that antimatter is consciousness, and that we as beings live in parallel universes (many worlds) observing our common creation the physical universe. Particles does not exist, the appearances of particles emerges, when wave functions collapse in the quantum fields.

See my videopresentation here:

Scientist Shows What Happens To ‘Soul’ After Death (VIDEO)

If you haven’t seen this video, it is a must. I am just going a bit further in my theory, but the essense is the same. The mind is to be found in the quantum field.

 If you haven’t seen my videos they are here:

And for my danish friends, I even made it in danish: