About The Crestroyer Theory

I believe that consciousness has taken part in the creation.

Philosophically, nobody can express that better than the late Alan Watts.

My main argument is, that physics forgot the term infinity in the thirties. Until then, physics assumed that the universe were infinite in space and time. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake explains this in a humoristic way, on his TED talk on “The Science Delusion.”!

The speed of light, and natural constants has become a dogma in physics today. I totally agree.

Crestroy is a word coined from the words creation and destroy.

Creation and destruction is what we see in the quantum fields all the time.  Virtual particles is their name.

This site is mainly a theory about consciousness, mind, parallel universes, multiverse theory, big bang, the creation of the physical universe and anti-matter.

Consciousness might have something to do with antimatter, in the sense that the Creator (You) stores his/her memory (the mind and consciousness of  the living being) in negative energy.

Negative energy condense into the antimatter we observe and measure in experiments.

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19 thoughts on “About The Crestroyer Theory”

  1. I believe consciousness has the majority of blame for creating the universe. I’m not a physicist and I don’t even play one on the internet, but I can discuss metaphysics with gusto! While I’m not sold on the Crestroyer theory you have touched upon hints on many hypotheses I’ve formed over the years of being an amateur astronomer and interested in physics. I remember when I was a kid I was reading a book about Einstein that claimed he said something to this effect “The universe would not exist if nobody was here to observe it.”. This idea has been common throughout history in such clichés as “if a tree falls in the woods…” and by ancient philosophers who would claim that there is “no chair”, just an idea of a chair. Ideas exist, they are not material, now ideas can become material by the manipulation of the physical world. A jet fighter was an idea before it was a reality, so ideas are made up of energy or something like it, a type of matter we cannot define. Ideas, for all intents and purposes, are anti-matter. They are not matter at all, but the opposite of matter. We can measure brainwaves and know that thinking is happening, we just cannot discern what the thinking is, we can surmise that certain ideas are taking place in a broad sense by looking at maps of brainwaves and where they are occurring in the brain. We can’t measure ideas, though, even though modern philosophy and science rejects the idea of a difference between “mind and matter”, most agree we live in a material universe and there is no “mind”, just interactions between physical particles. Gravity is considered a fundamental force of the universe, a separate force from strong and weak nuclear and electromagnetism. The other fundamental forces have force particles we have discovered, the graviton is postulated but has never been found or seen. Gravity is what forces particles to coalesce into objects, without gravity particles would have never bunched together to form planets, stars, galaxies, nebulae, and life. Gravity is mind, in my opinion, we know it exists as we can see the work of it, we can measure what gravity produces and it’s strength, but we don’t have definitive proof that gravity is matter, there is no force particle. The Higgs field gives mass to particles which are in turn effected by gravity if particles didn’t have mass there would be no gravity, why isn’t the Higgs field considered a fundamental force? Is the Higgs boson the elusive graviton? Scientists would argue it is not, it’s simply the particle that gives everything mass. This brings me to my hypotheses that gravity and the Higgs field did not exist in the beginning, they came into being with mind to forge what became the physical universe. In a physical world there is no reason for consciousness to exist, no need for ideas, invention, feelings, it’s a material world governed by the physics of forces that have always existed. So either mind has a force particle, something we could measure and ideas are matter or they are not and we have a duopoly. I think it was Plato that posited that there is a universal mind, something that determines what is a chair, what is a tree, a rock, a rat and such. That it is mind that molds the matter into what we see. That we are all in tune with this universal mind, though we may be completely unaware of it’s existence because it’s not something we can measure or define. I think gravity is the force that the universal mind uses to create what our minds wish to see. Gravity is much weaker than the other fundamental forces, it’s a slight touch to matter that molds and shapes it, just as an idea is a slight touch to the physical world when you seek to mold a vase from clay. The idea drives the concept but it uses the physical world to create.

  2. Thankyou very much. You are a thinker like me. And actually the first one in 3 long years, that says that antimatter is ideas, as I do. It’s a wild assumption, but it makes a lot of sense to me.

  3. I think that one problem here is the need to explain everything at the deepest ontological level by instances from physical science. If ideas are what generates physical processes, then physical science by itself cannot form the prerequisite from where to think of solutions to the problems that physical science gives…from making physical science the 1st priority science, which institutional science also does, we reach a philosophical insight concerning mind, the mental and “ideas” – but if we start with “ideas”, how, then, can we explain physicality…? By anti-matter solely…hardly…

    just to complicate matters,

    we like that as philosophers and thinkers, don’t we?

    1. Anti-matter will not solve any riddles, and that isn’t that bad. Negative energy, is what condenses into anti-matter as energy condenses into matter, so what I am saying is, that the mind is a physical thing, and that will be welcomed by physicists.

      What will not be welcomed, is my idea about the crestroyer creating and counter-creating everything, both energy and negative energy. That is too much divine design for most phycisists at this time, at least.

      Watch my video desribing the crestroyer as a SpaceTime unit.


        1. You are perfectly right. Your references is what makes consensus today. But remember that consensus is a theory, as mine is.

    1. Thanks a lot. I have written the author, and will read the book. Wasn’t aware of him, and his works. His reasoning sounds healthy, but I don’t agree on everything. Especially I don’t like time delation, as well as I don’t like space curving. I think time is eternal and space is infinite. The time we observe as NOW, is the only time. The past and the future does not exist. Only NOW exist. But Atkinson has a lot of good points about redshift, general relativity, double slit experiments, atom clocks etc. ad infinitum. Thanks again.

  4. What is true and what is wrong!
    All scientist theories try to match with the Bible
    And the first statement of Bible is wrong..
    There is never be a beginning and there will be never an ending.
    Life and time is the base of everything. Both always exist…and included alls universes and everything that can be exist anywhere in the infinite (ether).
    In the world where we are, there exist no gods and no devils (we are the gods and the devils of our pour mind..)
    Anti-matter is an illusion.. Nothing like that exist in life… and life is knowledge of everything.. We never create something new, we only discover the possibility what life offers us.
    In all universes everything is different.. Nothing is equal or exactly a copy of others… nothing is twice and if we see something lookalike is because we are missing to see all components…
    Everything change so fast.. Some faster of others and we are not able to review thing as his own beginning, because in the same time us we are changing too!

      1. Before I dig in deeper i want to give you a picture of what I look like!
        I m an old slugger of everything, soon 70, beginning long time ago by punching over then millions of IBM cards for the development of hydroelectric power of Quebec.
        After, tree years of shipbuilding, four years and half training Profs and student to use computer in Ottawa U. Collaborate to operational research, and organise algorithms that change the world of communication and robotic.
        Sporting goods manager, mountain climber, photographer, consultant, and many years of permanent health care, including psychological fields as guardian, infirmary and a lot of patience. Now I am retired and I am an eternal student looking for more knowledge’s that keep my mind up to date and give me the guts to go true hard times. Internet keep me busy most of the time in international information’s; politics, Scientifics, environment, and news ideas. I am lucky to meet your site. Still dreaming to won a lottery, giving me the chance to have my own laboratory, where I will be experiment new ideas, especially in free energy engines and new process to launch satellites in space.(2012anunakis@gmail.com)
        Huber Reeves tell us we are come from stardust, and I agree with that.
        But what is bugging me the most is to know what are the vector which support the memory of life? All codes are hold by something, we do not think with our brain, the brain is just a buffer of treatment information’s.. Something else support our mind; soul, aura, experiences proof me some kind of invisible forces are behind us but we are very limited to feel it! Ours eyes are really limited to see, still always fantastic to open eyes and see light and forms.. But mankind are very limited about what around us.
        My dog, my cat, spiders, insects have intelligence that tells me we are not alone in those universes.. There exist billions of civilisations of all forms and billions of species we do not know about them! Species appears or disappears depending the conditions where they are able to be, there exist no evolution in species, they are what they use to be and do not have to many adaptation field for new environment.. Human are not ape evolution.. We are from somewhere in the space, and we will be back somewhere else when we will destroy the planet environment that hold us here.

  5. The truth
    The impossible dream
    No body have the power to reach exactly the truth!
    Same as photo finish, the time the light fixe the pixel, the original have already change. The observers too!
    Nobody can stop the time: The life s clock.
    Also, the light is more of one particle, which is a complex composite of multi waves witch is no more precise of what we define.
    No photon are similar of other, all are different.. Nothing is exactly a copy of other one in all the universes for everything.
    Funny definition; black hole, when a hole suppose to be empty, and in real when we talk of black hole that is more of a too much of! Full of matter so dense that a quarter inch side dice contains more energy of what our own galaxy hold!
    We know DNA what suppose to be the rules of all kind of species in the life being.. But what is the codex and the rules of what it is write in? And what is the support of that so much information’s? We swim in a lot of obscurity then, it is time we take a relax time for evaluate our intentions and what we are doing when we play this game, where we do not know very well the rules and the effect of what we do!
    To get the power, for make money fast, we do too much sillies things without respect that will happened! We are all ashamed for all crimes done again nature, and if soon collectively we do not get our responsibilities to keep our earth clean of exaggeration pollution, then we will deserve to disappear too!

  6. The mind is seeking to find itself, and unfortunately the undeveloped mind will not understand this truth until his mind possess the power to understand! Everything that we see is being encoded by the depthness of the mind that’s encoding it! What does that mean! Humanity as a whole lives in darkness, and possess not the power to warp space and time which is a false perception of truth! However, the mind can’t perceive it’s false until it warp the ionosphere and enter into Zero Kelvin! This is deeper than the carnal minds ability to understand! Much love

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