2 thoughts on “Is consciousness time running backwards???”

  1. I’m so glad for having found your blog.

    I had been thinking pretty similar concepts and researching them: a personal research of the concepts in the books of Terence Mckenna brought me here (holographic universe).

    Please, don’t stop. I’ll be happy to continue reading your ideas. I’d love to hear your opinion on Mckenna’s Time Wave Zero Theory.

    I’ve come to believe that all waves contain waves in themselves (the infinite nature of universe) therefore:

    I believe that dreams are real, they’re the result of consciousness (antimatter-matter) to alternate between it’s two possible viewpoints. In Dreams our consciousness becomes matter and matter becomes consciousness, in Awake reality; viceversa.

    ┬┐What’s your position on dreams?

    1. I am not familiar to Terence McKenna, can you explain what his theory is about? I haven’t got the time to look into all the theories floating around.

      My perspective on dreams is, that dreams are time and space running wild. Dreams are a mix of past, future and space. They are real, but only in your universe. Hope it makes sense.

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