Electromagnetism and antimatter

Possibly electromagnetism can describe the illusion of matter and antimatter.

At the same time the spiritual world is explained by being separate mental parallel universes. 

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Parallel Universes


Transcript of video:

James Clark Maxwell used the already existing laws from Ampere, Faraday and Gauss, to describe electricity and magnetism as electromagnetism, one of the four forces in the physical universe.

According to Maxwell’s equations, electromagnetism is sine waves perpendicular to each other.

It is illustrated in this diagram.

The electric field is indicated in red, and the magnetic field is indicated in blue, perpendicular to the electric field.

As the electric field gets bigger, the magnetic field gets bigger.

As the electric field reach zero, the magnetic field reach zero.

The geometry is two fields perpendicular to each other, and at the same time, both are perpendicular to the direction of the wave.

The theory about the standing wave structure of matter in space, explains that the photon is absorbed in the orbit of the electron, speeds down to zero, hits the core of the atom, reverse its flow, and speed up again, hitting the orbit of the electron once again, and continues its travel by the speed of light.

Antimatter is basically matter with reversed charge. An anti-hydrogen atom, is an atom with a negative proton and a positive electron.

It is a big mystery, that practically all antimatter disappeared in the creation of the universe according to the big bang theory.

All particles in the universe has antiparticles, but very few, compared to particles.

Per definition, a photon is it’s own anti-particle.

Electromagnetic radiation is energy.

In The Crestroyer Theory we define positive energy as the energy in the upsurge of the sine wave, and negative energy as the downsurge.

Electromagnetic radiation thereby consists of positive energy, and negative energy, and the average energy of the photon in one wavelenght is zero.

If you connect matter and antimatter it will annihilate into pure energy.

So, where exactly is this antimatter, and why doesn’t the universe annihilate in pure energy?

The answer is that everything is electromagnetism. Photons are real, and they do not annihilate in pure energy.

Every spacetime unit, also named the crestroyer has created its own photons, and they consists of positive energy and negative energy as described.

The crestroyers creation of photons is an ongoing creation and counter-creation.

Remember Einstein’s E=mc2. Matter is just condensed energy. An atom is just a combination and condensation of many photons.

When the photons created by one crestroyer, entangle with photons created by other crestroyers, the combination of the involved separate mental parallel universes make up an atom, which in its basis is a resonance of many combined photons and many separate mental parallel universes.

At this era in subatomic physics, the only observational tool we have is electromagnetic radiation. From measuring the wavelengths and frequencies of photons, we make up our theories about electrons, positrons, protons, anti-protons, neutrons and anti neutrons.

The Crestroyer Theory is based on the assumption that particles does not exist. Only vibrations, motion of energy in space, wavelengths and frequencies exist. Everything we observe is when photons resonate with other photons.

Our mental universe, the images in our mind, consists of photons as everything else. It’s just very very few compared to all the photons that exist. Actually it is one divided by close to infinite. The reason off course being, that we have close to infinite separate mental parallel universes in the form of living entities called spacetime units or crestroyers.

As the photon is defined by being its own anti-particle, anti-matter is located in all these infinite parallel universes. As matter doesn’t exist, antimatter doesn’t exist either. Antimatter is as illusional as matter is.

What physicists indirectly observe and define as antimatter is just a glimpse of entering these close to infinite separate mental parallel universes. The many parallel universes is often called the spiritual world, a very mis-defined and mis-understood phenomenon.

Photons consists of positive energy and negative energy. Photons exists, and doesn’t annihilate. When they condense and make up the illusion of matter and antimatter by resonance, they form the reality we observe when our heads bumps into a wall.

The only thing that exists is photons, vibrations of positive and negative energies in space and time.


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