Space Time is the fundamental structure of this universe

Space Time is the fourth dimension. Einstein showed that.  This theory suggests that the four dimensions is extended to infinite dimensions.

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Stephen Hawking also calculates with negative energy, but what is negative energy according to this theory?


Einstein gave us the fourth dimension, SpaceTime. He showed that SpaceTime expresses gravity, and gravity expresses SpaceTime.

The Crestroyer Theory extends that understanding to a new assumption.

Spacetime is the fundamental structure of this universe.

Occams razor is the principle that the simplest explanation is the best.

What can be said to be more simple and fundamental than space and time?

The physical universe consists of space, energy and time.

Without space and time you cannot have energy.

Therefore, the basic assumption in the crestroyer theory is, that space and time is the fundamental structure of the physical universe.

This is in direct opposition to the standard big bang model. It says that the universe started in zero time and zero space.

Fortunately, many modern theorethical physisists explain big bang differently, as something happening in present time. They observe a continous creation and destruction of energy in space at all times. This is called virtual particles.

If spacetime is the fundamental structure of the physical universe, it must have the property of creating and destroying energy, as we observe in these virtual particles.

The crestroyer theory is inspired by multiverse theories. Most multiverse theories assume, that when we make an observation, the wave function collapse, and a new physical universe is created.

I disagree 180 degree. What we see as the wave collapse is when the external wave and the opposite internal wave resonates in the orbit of the electron. Watch my video on the standing wave structure of matter in space for clarification.

In the crestroyer theory, the manyworlds are allready here.

Every living unit with some sort of consciousness, from cells to organisms to human bodies, has its own separate mental parallel universe, operating in the physical universe in present time.

Every living conscious unit is its own parallel universe.

And its fundamental structure is space and time.

This unit has the property, the ability to create and destroy, hence the word crestroyer.

You, a SpaceTime unit, are your own universe, and you have the ability to create and destroy. Cause and effect. Up and down, black and white.

Destroy is a bit of a misnomer. Countercreation is a better expression.

The property of the SpaceTime unit is the ability to create energy and countercreate energy. This creation of energy is in this theory defined as positive energy. The countercreation of energy is defined as negative energy.

The physical universe consists of positive energy.

The mental universe consists of negative energy, which is an exact duplicate mirror image of the organisms creation of positive energy.

The mind and consciousness of a living organism is stored in negative energy as mental images, an exact mirror duplicate of the organisms creation of positive energy, the physical universe.

All physicists calculate with positive energy. A growing number calculate with negative energy, including Stephen Hawking.

The energy level of the physical universe is close to infinite. The energy level of the combined entangled mental universes is close to infinite negative energy.

That leaves the total energy of all combined universes at zero energy.

Einstein showed that Spacetime is the fourth dimension. The crestroyer theory extends the fourth dimension, to close to infinite dimensions.

Watch the next video called Electromagnetism and antimatter, to find out where exactly this negative energy is located.


4 thoughts on “Space Time is the fundamental structure of this universe”

  1. Einstein left us a hint concerning gravity: “warped space” (space/time). Using his technique of mind experimentation, the only solution I could find for warped space/time is “shrinkage”: the universe and all matter within it is undergoing a “wind down”.

    In short, as we see evidence of spinning in everything above, & below, i believe that all matter (and components from which it comes) are collapsing, and as that occurs, time shrinks (clock ticks faster) As it shrinks, an apparent “equal/opposite” force is created and we call it gravity. The universe is not expanding, but shrinking in space giving the impression of expansion. Even the human mind experiences the effect as the days pass much quicker as we age. This “theory” can explain all sorts of “black” as well. There was no “big bang”! Just a big Crack; a “fracturing” across infinite space/time that caused electro-magnet spin, trapping n/s, +/- in a yin/yang locking into “mass”/matter.

  2. Similar to a “standing wave”, it could be that at sub-atomic “distances” in fractions of amstrongs, the separation between the electric positive/negative or magnetic polar (or combined for RADIATING emf waves), a non-radiant (standing) wave’s poles become interlocked. I prefer sticking with the “non-radiating” wave becoming locked. Anyway, in such a “universe”, there may be no need for dark matter or energy.

    Next step is to design “the experiment” that might explain some of this. I’m sticking to SOMETHING LIKE the collapsing magnetic FIELD generating an electric “FORCE”….. as to how “static” matter “generates” a gravitational force.

    1. Interesting experiment, which I would like to see the result from. As you go along, I see that we are not that far from eachother.

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