The Standing Wave Structure of Matter in Space

The standing wave structure of matter in space, has been a theory, since Einstein and Schrodinger.

If particles doesn’t exist, then this theory might be the future. Transcript below.

As I mention in the video, I am not a physicist or a mathematician, but Milo Wolf is.

Check his website out, by clicking on his book.

Milo Wolf


Transcript of video:

The standing wave structure of matter in space, has been a theory since Erwin Schrødinger’s cat.

Shrødinger and Einstein had the idea that point like particles weren’t really particles, but just waves in space.

As many knows, the Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum Mechanics won. It says that photons and electron’s are both particles and waves. Even today it is the most favoured theory amongst quantum theorists.

But what if Einstein and Schrodinger’s idea’s were correct?

The best way to describe the standing wave structure of matter in space, is the vortex.

You see the water flowing into the vortex, but at the same time waves are flowing away from the center.

The hydrogen atom is the simplest structure of matter we know of, and it might behave in a similar way.

Imagine this as being a hydrogen atom. The blue line being the orbit of the electron.

The hydrogen atom undergoes a transition, when a photon is absorbed. In normal physics, we say that the electron makes a quantum leap. It goes from one quantum state to another. In normal quantum physics the leap is discontinous and random.

Imagine the ingoing spirals, as photons from the surroundings. When a photon hits the orbit of the electron, this quantum leap takes place.

A photon is an electromagnetic radiation and a wave in itself.

When the photon has been absorbed in the hydrogen atom, it continues into the center of the atom, the proton.

At the core of the atom, the photon stops, and its direction reverse. Now continue your imagination of the photon reversing, and now travelling outwards.

In this way, the atom has two flows, one inward, and one outward, just like the vortex.

When the outward energy of the photon is bigger than the inward, the atom emits a photon.

Photons continuously bombards the hydrogen atom, reverse their flows, and if strong enough, emits from the atom, as electromagnetic radiation, whereby the structure of the atom is changed.

But, if it is in balance, the atom, is a standing wave in space.

The orbit of the electron is a balance point between the external energy of photons and the internal reverse of the same.

What we consider as matter, is when the external wave and the opposite internal wave resonates in the orbit of the electron. It is illustrated in this diagram from Dr. Milo Wolfs website. His work treats the standing structure of matter in a different way than mine, but he is definitely onto something, and he is a mathematician.

In normal quantum physics the quantum leap is random.

The periodical system shows different frequencies in different atoms. The frequencies determines which element is observed.

At this time, we are only able to observe the elements that resonate exactly in the orbit of the electron

I know this is contrary to what you have ever been taught in school.

If it is correct a lot of books will have to be rewritten.

But don’t worry, these matters takes time.

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