What is Baryogenesis?

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What is Baryogenesis, from Wikipedia:

“There is currently insufficient observational evidence to explain why the universe contains far more baryons than antibaryons.”

Editors note, popularly you could define baryons as protons, and anti-baryons as anti-protons. The Baryogenesis, is the time epoch, where matter took control over anti-matter.

Back to Wikipedia:

“The Dirac equation,formulated by Paul Dirac around 1928 as part of the development of relativistic quantum mechanics, predicts the existence of antiparticles along with the expected solutions for the corresponding particles. Since that time, it has been verified experimentally that every known kind of particle has a corresponding antiparticle. It is puzzling that the universe does not have equal amounts of matter and antimatter. Indeed, there is no experimental evidence that there are any significant concentrations of antimatter in the observable universe.

There are two main interpretations for this disparity: either the universe began with a small preference for matter, or the universe was originally perfectly symmetric, but somehow a set of phenomena contributed to a small imbalance in favor of matter over time. The second point of view is preferred, although there is no clear experimental evidence indicating either of them to be the correct one.”

So, here you go, the Baryogenesis is where matter separates from antimatter in Big Bang Theory.


Gods hands in the Baryogenesis?

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