The Electroweak Epoch

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The Electro Weak Epoch from Wikipedia:

“In traditional big bang cosmology, the Electroweak epoch begins 10−36 second after the Big Bang, when the temperature of the universe is low enough (1028 K) to separate the strong force from the electroweak force (the name for the unified forces of electromagnetism and the weak interaction). In inflationary cosmology, the electroweak epoch begins when the inflationary epoch ends, at roughly 10−32 second.

In physical cosmology the electroweak epoch was the period in the evolution of the early universe when the temperature of the universe was high enough to merge electromagnetism and the weak interaction into a single electroweak interaction (> 100 GeV).

The electroweak epoch began when the strong force separated from the electroweak interaction. Some cosmologists place this event at the start of the inflationary epoch, approximately 10−36 seconds after the Big Bang.[1][2][3] Others place it at approximately 10−32 seconds after the Big Bang when the potential energy of the inflaton field that had driven the inflation of the universe during the inflationary epoch was released, filling the universe with a dense, hot quark–gluon plasma.[4] ”

Take note, that the theory of Big Bang explains that gravity separated from all the other forces in THE PLANCK EPOCH.

Now the strong force is separated from electromagnetism and the weak force.


The Electroweak Epoch

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