Platonic StringTheory?

Personally I think that my theory is very simple. We are all eternal beings in time, and infinite beings in space. We have fundamentally the ability to create and destroy. The physical universe is the creation and destruction of energy. The energy we can measure on is the physical energy. The opposite poled energy I call negative energy. That energy is located in mental separate parallel universes, which is our mind. This is pretty much in accordance with this article in New Scientist. The only difference is that I believe that the disembodied brains has been here since the start of this physical universe, and even before that. If this is true then Plato’s Theory of Forms might be applicable to StringTheory. Hope to hear back from some StringTheory experts on this.


2 thoughts on “Platonic StringTheory?”

  1. Kære Otto, der er mange før dig der har den teori, så hvorfor ikke nævne dine kilder også fremfor at tage, sort of speak, monopol på den. Jeg kan godt lide dine skriv og tanker, men ikke dit “min”. Det virker for selvoptaget på mig alt det der “min” som er et gennemgående træk.

    1. What he is saying (writing in danish) is, that he likes my thoughts, but he doesn’t like me taking credit for the theory, as many has had the same ideas before me.

      I know I have a problem with self-importance, and I am working on it. Thank you to Larry for reminding me.

      However, I would like to communicate with anybody on this Planet, having ideas about a relationship between antimatter and consciousness.

      When I first got this crazy idea (2008) I searched the entire www and found one person having had the same revelation.

      Enoch Tan is the guy, and I have several times written to him, but he never responded. His website is well visited, and you can see his thoughts on this link.

      That page has been static ever since.

      I would be more than happy to see any evidence on the fact, that somebody before me or Enoch Tan, got this crazy idea. Enoch Tan is the Korean guy behind

      Since 2008 a lot of websites speculates about antimatter and the mind, but Enoch and I was the first to see the light.

      If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook etc. etc., I will soon get to The Philosophy Tour, and there I will give due credit to Plato, Descartes, Spinoza, Einstein and a lot of other philosophers and scientists, that has inspired me a lot, and still do.

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